Story-telling for a better world

I am a communication professional, a journalist and a conflict resolution consultant. I have a 14-year experience of cross platform journalism, working with newspapers, television networks and websites. I have designed and implemented communication strategies for peace-building and dialogue. Besides, I have extensively produced and reported long-format television shows, documentaries and used social media for campaigning and advocacy. I have learned from the newsrooms at BBC and CNN, as British Chevening Fellow and CNN International Fellow at Atlanta. More so, my learning is from ground-reporting of conflict in Kashmir and rural areas of India.
I have trained and organized workshops for journalists in rural India with Panos International and BBC foundation. My documentary films like Stone Rage and Missing in Action have been awarded with the prestigious Ram Nath Goenka and Indian Television Award for best documentary respectively.
I enjoy long-format television, documentary making, still photography and traveling. While story-telling and peacebuidling are my passions, I also aspire to be a professional potter someday.

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