About Me

    • Pawan Bali is a communication and conflict resolution consultant, with over 14 years of experience.
    • She brings in multi-disciplinary skills from the fields of cross-platform journalism, international development, and research. She has designed and implemented communication strategies for non-profits, the World Bank, and for peacebuilding projects. She is an award-winning documentary film maker, a CNN International Fellow, and the British Chevening Broadcast Fellow. Her regional expertise is in South Asian conflicts and media.

Bali has worked with conflict resolution non-profit Conciliation Resources in designing communication strategies for peacebuilding, and dialogue. Her work with CR also included facilitation of multi-axis dialogue and grassroots program management, With United States Institute of Peace, Bali has authored a special report on Grassroots Peacebuilding.
She describes herself as a storyteller, a peacebuilder, and aspires to be a professional potter someday.